What are all the services offered by LinguaCom Plus?

  • Translation 
  • Interpretation 
  • Editing & Proofing
  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Voice-overs 
  • Technical writing
  • Translation/interpretation project management
  • Interpretation/Conference equipment rental

There are three ways a client’s project reaches LinguaCom+:

  1. You can come to our office and meet our PMs.
  2. You can contact us via email for discussion and submit your project through our website.
  3. You can either call us or drop your phone number via our online contact form. We will call your for arrangements!


As an individual client, all you need is to submit your project file online, discuss with our sales team on and follow easy payment requirements (via PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Western Union, Bank transfer…). You will have your project done within the agreed time.

As an organization, you only need to send us your project and submit an official purchase order or contract (that we both sign). You will have your project done within the agreed time.


When you cannot move, you can email, call, or drop your phone number via the contact form on our web site. One of our PMs will get in touch with you, evaluate the need and eventually come to you for discussion or to pick the work.

Our payment methods are safe and easy. Use the easiest way to pay your bill (Paypal, bank transfer, Western Union, Skrill (Money Bookers, Mobile, whatever suits you. Wherever, whenever)

Professional linguists of high caliber and at least 8 years of experience in the industry can join us. If interested, you send your request with CV/resume and academic papers. We will analyse the request and give you a test within a 2 weeks’ period. Once you have passed we enter you in our database of professional linguists. By fulfilling quality and loyalty requirements during 18 months, you will be a full member (owner) in the company.

Yes, it is. 

Based on certain conditions, your project can be done on discounted rates. The conditions include:

  • Project involves discounted pairs
  • Client works in a humanitarian context
  • Client is in partnership with LinguaCom+
  • Project involves a big volume

Not sure? You can contact us to check eligibility to a discount. 

All our services are offered on site and online.

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