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General Terms

  1. Commitment to a humanistic approach: as a member of LinguaCom+, you accept to comply with LinguaCom+ principle that every human being has the right to access the message sent from his/her fellow humans regardless financial means and geographical locations.   
  2. Confidentiality. You engage to keep all the information you have access to (belonging to clients and to the company) as confidential while breach to that can lead to legal actions.
  3. Deadlines. There are no excuses we make to our clients for not meeting deadlines. When accepting to work on a project, you fully accept to meet all the requirements including deadlines. Any failures can lead to cancellation of agreement and suspension of a member.
  4. Invoicing and payment.
    1. In most cases, invoices are payable within 37 days (27 business days) from receipt of invoice, or as otherwise agreed.
    2. Some projects are paid on delivery.
    3. For emergencies (appreciation of LinguaCom+ senior members), a member can be paid before.
  1. Errors:To avoid disputes that can result from possible errors out of the control of LinguaCom+, we send our work to clients who approve it before our final delivery. Members must comply.
  2. Delivery:In most cases, all documents are delivered by e-mail and other internet-based systems. All our members must be connected to internet all the time.
  3. Discounts: Apart from discounts indicated on our website, special discounts can be done over a number of circumstances. We require that our members accept that to make sure we serve a big number of clients in their own capabilities and individual situations.
  4. More terms and conditions come with individual agreements and projects.
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